It shall be bent in time, it is to be crooked

HEADING used in the past in the world of parenting, I understand, but in my case it's about something completely different.

Maybe it was a gamble, and in hindsight, I must admit that the outcome says just that - a gamble that did not really held up. Not that it ended in disaster, but it became a part after work. However, no damage to the car. What happened was that I washed the car with my dear kayaks on the roof. And, I took therefore not of the roof rack and the kayaks before washing, but thought they were fine where they were sitting.
KajakerDSC_2137Some of our family.

Now think you that I drove the washing tunnel with kayaks on but so absent-minded, I'm not, yet, might add. No. I hand washed the car in a car wash spacious with high ceilings and saw no problem with this. And it went nice and smoothly until the lady in the checkout decided - or whether it was a technical error - just open the door halfway up as well. I had driven in through the gate and simply, I drove out through the gate until it crashed through the whole station stopped and directed its gaze toward me and my equipage. The lady at the counter took it calmly and drove up the door all the way up and I rolled out of the car wash. The kayaks coped fine and the port became a bit scruffy while the roof rack had become quite crooked.
FullSizeRenderNo crowds in Molle port.

The hunt for a new roof rack has begun and the first purchase of an ISP was not right. Awesome hard to then not be able to go and change the day, so to speak. Fast deliveries, shop whenever you want - but when it goes wrong do not fit webshop ping anything further. I want to replace the product within an hour or two - so far will my patience about.
DSC_2203geraniums, eucalyptus and whatever it's called.

Am now in the country with two kayaks in the garden but no roof rack. Perhaps it is good and a sign from a higher power to focus on other things,. As to grind window, socializing, read the book and cure the cold before the adventure on the Helgeland coast which is only a week away. I come to get my hours in the kayak, but much like the National Board once recommended 6-8 sandwiches a day, I could do the same with kayak hours.

Just so you know that keeps you on land.



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