Colorful hiking around Helags.

When the bag was packed and I would close the last zipper burst. The zipper that may not rupture; that all so-called. heavy marks mock Lightweight industry. The zipper in the middle of the bag front. A sore point is deselected on the traditional heavier bag. – What the hell do we do now? Peter and Brownies were ready with the bags on his back and tore some of the boots in the gravel-like race horses ready to start. – Straps, we need straps to hold it all together, I got out of me. Nisse tore up some old leather straps of the car and I packed everything in a dry bag, subsequently the pump to my sleeping mat. A McGyverkonstruktion that I had to live with the whole trek. The option had been Ljungdalen village for four days while the boys attacked Helags and Ekorrpasset.

Now I could, thanks to this solution, enjoy Peters teriyakibiff with noodles on Thursday evening when he was first on the list Cooking.

Biff i Lavvu.IMG_0383_2983
Teriyakimarinerad steak is prepared in Nisses spacious Helsport Lavvu Light.

camp HelagsIMG_0394_2920
Early morning in our Helags Camp. Hillberg Unna was a nice acquaintance.

Waking up with Helags glacier in the spotlight is a rare luxury. Firstly, you should get there, which in itself is relatively simple, a half long drive and 13 km on foot. But the clear weather on a so-so 15 – 1600 masl. is much more complicated; I reach for the impossible to influence yourself. Perhaps Putin and some other coconuts on high chairs can influence the weather, but we do not want to know. When I stuck my nose out of the tent this morning literally bathed Helags glacier, who is also Sweden's southernmost, in sunshine. Veils of mist that lay a few hundred meters lower formed some kind of arc; a rainbow without the rain and therefore no color prism, we discussed our way to the breakfast. A breakfast taken in the peace and quiet of solar heat on his back and his eyes focused on the comb that we would go to the summit later.

Peter points the way up and nothing else.

Unlike most others, we would go over Helags; not up and down on the same side with a day pack. No, up with all the gear on the back and down the back of continued walking towards Sylsjön. That was the plan. And so it became. The descent on the back was not completely scoutad and got a little more exciting than it was supposed.

Steep gång.IMG_0416_2942
Till topps!

Is it steep, or?

Peter - glaciär.IMG_0417_2943
Peter points, but what?

Till topps.IMG_0421_2947

Well-chosen words to be documented for future visitors.

The back Helags II.IMG_0433_2959
A steep stone field met us and it took time to get down. But rather than come down not to come at all.

Going down a steep stone field of large boulders mixed with ordinary boulders is a slightly different experience. The backpack does not make things easier, and sometimes as “lever” Stone stepped on and a few tenths of a second, turning it more than necessary. When the stone field well ended we found ourselves in a stunning valley with an impressive range of colors and murmuring streams with awaited water. It was a late lunch in the sun, consisting of Real's tasty påsmat. Outstanding in its genre, I think, and many with me. The Blue Ribbon does not succeed in getting into something equally tasty is a mystery, but well a fact.

The pulpit and Sylsjön.IMG_0441_2967

When we reach Sylsjön we go a bit on Pilgrimsleden, as it's called on some maps, while the other maps indicate that it's going on:a side of the lake. acc. my GPS called the Pilgrim's Way on both sides and then we say so. Simple and diplomatic. The camp will be on a beach that night and while the tents are in some form of sand, we make a small fire on stone beach and occupies there Nisses good apple dessert. For main course was served a good risotto with a moderate acid from the nedkokta white wine. All this in an environment where the moon offered his very best for the evening.

Eld Sylsjön.IMG_0447_2973
The moon shines with his presence.

Breakfast Sylsjön.IMG_0455_2897
Breakfast at Sylsjön.

Even the breakfast was served at the pebble beach, but without fire. The sun warmed once it arrived. Brownie had taken the opportunity to soak up some form of simple bath in the morning. – Not as cold, he told me. quite healthy, I would say. Definition Simply ask. Pilgrimsleden took us closer to Norway, but after a few kilometers we decided to go up against the rigid road Ekorrdörren. The trail followed the lake and was quite dull and some pretty wet. Some contour lines on the map gave a dry and fine hiking in the sea of ​​colors like blueberry bushes and other plants offered. Speaking of plants, so we got ourselves a real name Bank of Peter as soon as something was growing at all. A course in fjällfloran simply.

Ekorrdörrens watershed.

This day was long and when we finally got off our boots and the camp was in place it was my turn to cook. So nice to finally get to eat and drink those extra pounds as raw materials brought my gear. Lamb sausage with mashed potatoes and green beans topped with crema di balsamico and dried onion was on the menu. For it we drank wine in plastic bottle; Syrah from Chile which was really nice. Few things taste certainly bad in an environment like this, and that meant it as an extra burden does not taste experience worse. Apple Dessert was the hidden theme of this walk as we all three had it as the main raw material in our desserts. Although it tasted good in all variations.

Artisans in a comfortable environment.

A different kind of work, one can say that these artisans have. They are renovating the top mark on Helags. In addition to working on a ridge as well the biggest difference to the helicopter go to and from work. A day like this, there may not be any better workplace. Window tables at lunch, they do not consider. Gives himself as.

With the unlikely good weather, good food and good company, it became a very good hiking. the estimated 66 km was to 76 does not matter. Yet an experience of time outdoors store that is pretty well-stocked now, but that never becomes full. So much time is not. Strong legs get in the bargain.



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