Helgeland coast - islands and mountains in kayak.

I am inclined to say that all the different waters, I paddled has its charm. Our archipelagos - Cheese- and the west coast - offers fantastic paddling with a never ending islands. Åland is magical with its flat rocks to the north and the mostly deserted. Vättern is one of my home waters offer very good, including potable water. And Britain gives me a mind of her.

An archipelago in mountain style.

Helgeland coast - we recently paddled - is unique and stands out with a combination of the archipelago and the mountains. Tide offering beach walk at low tide, but also represents a part bearing the packed kayaks - the team exercise - where everyone has to do their bit. Crossings is a bit too long at times - but that provides paid in the form of islands like Lovund - with Alpine terrain outside the tent and gale winds that pop up when you least expect it.

For some, lowered the resale value of Hilleberg tent dramatically - when the sudden gale blew across the mountain - and the tent like a bowling ball over the rocks toward the sea. Luckily caught a passing hikers up at the last second. Teaching money even for a seasoned campers.

And how often can you do an alpine tour of nearly 700 vertical meters in the Swedish archipelagos. Lurøya offered the delicacy. Hasse offered a glass of the local harbor restaurant after the feat, before we paddled the short distance back to our tents. Nice for him that we chose alcohol-free alternatives in the form of beer and cola as strong from the tap cost just over 100:- Norwegian. Now it was not cheap but it could have been even worse. We stuck out a bit in our sweaty hike outfits on the terrace where the beautiful boaters ate scallops and drank sparkling drink to that.

A coastline that provides a unique experience, I think but if you want Schysst paddling with many islands and narrow passages where our archipelagos better days a week. But one need not exclude the other. And good is that.

Here are some pictures that I got together for this tour, few can you have seen in the social feeds, but most did not see the screen light earlier.



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