With stighudar in Storulvån.

Shortly after Orsa pops up suddenly snow on the way. Soon we caught up with the snow plow that clears the small roadside available on inland road, as it is called. Available t.o.m. a sign proclaiming that you are on this road, which is part of the E45, Sweden's longest road. We then find ourselves at a little higher altitude and the springtime landscape has changed to white plains. Pretty soon it will be again our and my concerns that have summer tires on the car folds flat. Although we are going mountain road later so it should be clean of snow, according to staff at Storulvån.

Every so often you meet someone you feel at Statoil in Sveg. So this time. Strange phenomenon but it is a classic centerpiece for a large part of our mountains. If traveling by car from our neck of the woods so you end up in Sveg. End of discussion.

Once at Storulvåns mountain station, we are almost shocked at the number of cars that are in the verge of Fjällvägen. But the weather is at its peak and dagbesökarna from areas around it will be when many. Above all, I believe that the poor snow conditions in Åre attracts people here for the day; kombinerat with Explosion of summit intresse. Many previously only went on tour now go on ski touring with a new lightweight equipment. We also see some kids knata the uphill easier hillsides with eagerly cheering dads. I write for fathers it is much calmer attitude of the female part of the families we meet. We have a wonderful evening cruise up and later down Getryggen before dinner ingested 21.30; late but well deserved, one can say. Lasagne, Anne been kind to cook at home, slips down with a good glass of wine in the pleasant venue for catering. A little cluttered course at 18-19 time when everyone should cook. But like this time it's quiet and nice.


After a coffee in the attic with the financing granitväggen, where large and small, the indoor climbing if you have any energy left, we retreat to our alcove. A bit special abode with 4 beds and curtains out into the corridor where shared toilet and shower. An ok accommodation, I think, but there are half a rough night, especially for the person in grannalkoven running to the bathroom and vomerar half the night. It's hard not to hear the hen when the time even though I have earplugs. Have never used so much care spirits days after this.

Saturday brings some classic overcast but we struggles on. The evening will be calm and relaxed when we munch a little later than families with children. Peters patented pasta sits like a glove after a hard day in the mountains where it treated to slow before. Slid almost better with the skins on the fact.

IMG_2219_2314 Wind Sack Lunch. IMG_0011_2342

The lunch was taken in the wind sack with all that implies.
Hot and shelter but a bit much fabric in food.

A very driven student will be our roommate the first two nights. In his case consists driven by keeping costs down. Which he certainly shares with many other students. He was checking out in the morning and show up again in the evening. It turns out that after 18.00 he pays barely 200:- for a bed anywhere in the station. If there are beds available is,. However, it leaves no one in the lurch at the STF:s stations, but in the worst case, the mattress on the floor in a suitable space.

After almost reached the top of Tväråklumpen in gray weather on Saturday becomes Sunday's mission. Up on Getryggen and down the valley towards Sönner Tväråklumpen. A magnificent rides downhill S. Tväråklumpen become the weekend's highlight. The wind is blowing so that you can barely converse on top but it just gives a little high alpine feeling. It is very rare windless on high mountains.

Peter supportar.IMG_0028_2338_1
Lunch med termosbudskap!

image 1
Signed satisfied at the top and ready for the descent.

Peter hides in. IMG_0020_2330 When the weather is decent this is a very enjoyable form of skiing. Moreover incredibly good exercise to go up in a few hours. You live by the maxim “Earn your turns”. What does good; has gone up becoming every turn down a spiritual experience. Hard to explain, try it yourself. However, a beautiful natural area to be preferred. It is incredibly charming and helpful to be able to step out from breakfast and put on the skins on skis. You can literally begin their alpine tour with breakfast cup in hand and half a sandwich in his mouth.

Sylarna the horizon. IMG_0035_2329

Peter enjoys the Monday morning coffee on Getryggen with Sylarna in the background. Then we head home. On the way up this morning we came across two grouse that did not make any great notice of our presence. lovesick, Is?

Love the mountains.

Alaskan malamute.IMG_2241_2310

Would have brought this fellow home. He slept outside the station the night before. I stood in the window and met his gaze before I went to bed. When I woke up and looked out as he lay there and looked at me again. Alaskan malamute named the race and he was a little cooler than average.






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