Strengthening adventure on Kebnekaise.

An invigorating adventure in several senses - where the Kebnekaise, but above all the individual and the group has been in focus. Read reflections from Britannica Lindkvist, branch SEB Örebro. And please check out the movie.

“The adventure has been a great challenge for us as individuals but also as a team here in the SEB in Orebro. The activity has led to the co-workers have made a lifestyle change where daily exercise and physical training has become an obvious choice. I have seen the team welded together during spring activities. Walking sessions led by Johan Kilsbergen was a good breather from the fairly busy lives to the bank. In addition to the joint training sessions were organized their own training evenings. That is nice to see that there were groups of colleagues who spontaneously not met at leisure before.

To climb the highest mountain in Sweden was a tough challenge - actually much tougher than we could ever imagine. All gave their utmost and struggled tremendously both physically and mentally. The mental part is not to be despised when put to the test physically. The result was that all failed to reach the top and of course there is a certain disappointment among some. However, I believe that it reflects our everyday really good, we are not all on top 100% of our working. We need to support each other and allow that there are highs and lows in our presentation, the most important is that we work as a team and help each other, that is when it is born Success. I am very happy with the set-up and above all that we started last winter, and it has been a long-term challenge. I am convinced that this adventure is just beginning to build on a successful team. Thanks John for your guidance and your commitment! We felt extremely safe the whole way, and not least in the Kebnekaise together with the professional and experienced guides Maria & Micke.”

Britannica Lindkvist, branch SEB Örebro.




SEB Örebro