WATER - OBVIOUSLY in our latitudes?

dsc_2629Water is the word on many people's lips when we go into the new year. Most people in my circles have some sort of relationship to water. Self I live in and out of water most often. In my world, I can go skating on the frozen water on a Saturday, hang upside down in a kayak in chlorinated water filled the same day but a little later - and paddle Vätterns crystal clear and so this year's icy waters day after. Water in different forms just for fun. When today I saw a commercial for Water Aid, where Sofia Ledarp talking about the lack of potable water in the world's many corners, it becomes even clearer - we are spoiled with good water and above all unlimited amounts. This summer and especially the fall has made clear that this may not be the case forever. Lower water levels in our nearby streams than now, has few if any seen. Even the sea has been extremely low in the fall, at least where I found myself. A few days ago we did a middle day kayaking - also a climate phenomenon - and then it was not as low water in the archipelago earlier this fall. Always something.

Örebro Municipality urges us to save and it seems to have taken the screw - which feels good. There is hope out there although I still can not understand the hysteria with fireworks. How hard can it be to just fail? Who can not be without this scourge for so many species - animals that humans - not to mention our dear environment. Maybe it's time for the governor to put the foot down 2017 - No fireworks in my castle. Guess it was shot a lot there although I did not see it from my abode. However both see and we hear the fireworks in our area with fairly high likelihood of the congregation some distance away. Where girls with beads in the nose are not welcome. The few ought to put their pennies - tenth of the members, I guess - something better than fireworks. A helping hand to someone in need might.

The News tells the story of war-like scenes in several places in the country where the kids come on that you can fire rockets on other people. But come again, How stupid can you be. The solution is simple - no fireworks in the shops at all. Case closed.

A snowy winter is good for our water and be happy for me, only there will be some snow-free ice to skate on. Wish you can always do.
the motto for 2017 is krabbelurer the people. Next time you read me, I may talk about my new exciting job. Call it a cliffhanger, if you want.



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  1. Tendon 2 January, 2017 at 23:17 #

    People want to get us to the water in such Hjalmaren and flowing lakes follow the natural laws which depend on rainfall, etc.. I see it as more complicated than that. For example, they allow a level reduction, blah because power interests, we are now in Hjalmaren one one record low water level, today 02/01, 21,51m! This means among other things that the depth of water on the Red barrel in Hemfjärden located at 1,4m and if the wind blows west about 1.2m! SSA941 the fairway units Örebro municipality is responsible for providing for the Maritime Administration 2.1m deep Furthermore, there are strong indications that the low water caused a major fish kills in Mellanfjärden this December when the ground water in strong wind stirred. Hjälmarens Water Management Association has written to the state of the fairway, and it extends to 2020 and Örebro Municipality is responsible to manage it as delegated by the water association. No one in the decision-making function seems to have an eye on something…. or am I way off!! My conclusion, if power interests stopped and not driving down the lake, it seems to be 0.5 cm / day and it was realized that the pleasant weather means 0,5-1cm / day so this would be handled! There is also a good old bill that would steer it out here: https://data.riksdagen.se/fil/6DF27E1D-0DD3-411A-A842-BBA91F6C2B7D. There is proposing to type the same measures as above blah that the water level is kept to 21,73m to the end of September!

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