We cruised Aland on our way.

The sight that greets us when we are curious sneak into the bar on the top floor for me is frightening. We are in Åland boat on the way home after a paddling around Kökar archipelago. Or if it is really only an archipelago of around an island group called Kokar.

Back to the ferry where a spectacle unfolds that makes me afraid of the dark. The theme is alcohol - alcohol in quantities beyond all understanding. In the duty free shop sells "pirror" for you to take with you everywhere you shop. I find myself having to stand and stare at the chaos and sometimes a little too long on individuals, young and old, while I was thinking of all the alcohol will go with hen. A glass of wine with dinner is not appropriate for this gang, I can promise, unfortunately.

paddling then, how was it? As always in Åland get to experience deserted archipelagos - which is one of the reasons that it is a good choice if you want to paddle during holiday periods when our own archipelagos is a bit crowded. Kokar I had only sniffed at in the past - have paddled Åland several times - but now we would paddle Kokar real. With a minute margin we had time ferry that took us out to Degerby on Föglö. In this way earns a little boring transportation canoeing. First day on the way down to the Kokar, it becomes a part of passes but just as with the timing margin on the ferry, we float with the wind and småsurfar in a southeasterly direction. A little cooler when the wind blows from the north, but the sun is shining from a mostly clear blue sky as the coolness of the breeze is welcome.

lunch Parkering.


Kokar offers some mixed canoeing and fine pitches - but not those real super rocks that Åland archipelago spoiled us with. Obviously, the wind direction a decisive factor when most islands are more polished character on the north side. There will be the Ice Age that lies behind it, I understand - at least we say it when we're out and paddles. But if any of us have real evidence for that statement I do not know.

narrow passages.

Karin heading.

Smooth rocks like we.

Many choose to ride in Åland - Karin makes an attempt.


The visit to the store on Kokar reminiscent of a film by Roy Andersson - gray and total lack of culinary inspiration. Exactly, I have experienced all island stores in these regions. But on the big island, where Mariehamn is and you can choose to go the way 1, 2 or 3, there are more stores like ours with a good selection. But suddenly, it happens - in a lonely little cottage by ferry location on Kokar is something like a coffe shop, or at least a coffee with real coffee machine. When we walk in the door welcomed us on a broad west coast dialect by two guys. It turns out that their father decided to move from an island in the area of ​​Styrsöbolaget to Kökar of all places. We ask curious questions without getting too personal, but can not quite grasp how and why. However, we concluded that the father drives a cab in the islands. How many taxi rides here we are thinking when we walk back to the kayaks to paddle north and leave Kokar for now.


Birthday parties at Korsö.

traditional öpromenad.

Some rocks we found.

Squiggly kayaking among low cutting.

2 thirds of our small but goa group.

You go nowhere without her Nalgene - took two for safety.

Good with friends when the kayak has own life. (Kisspaus)

Lite Shakespearevibbar.

Plenty of this view in these parts.

Time for a part other than paddling. (The chair belongs to Food, I'm still thinking.)

Some granite on the west side.

last counter.

Contemplation and dream about the next turn in the last camp rock.


Thanks Mats and Karin for good company and a nice week. As usual, well-added.




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